My First Post

For my first post I feel like I should have a statement of purpose – some descriptor or guidebook if you will The BlogReader’s Guide to Rhett’s Universe.  My thought here is that my readers will see it and have a good idea of what I’ll be writing about.  What strikes me as humorous is that I am most likely to be the only reader.  Of course, decades from now my (what could be literally dozens of) readers are not particularly likely to scroll through the archives to the first post.  So it doesn’t really matter what I say!  Somehow that’s comforting.

I guess like so many things today this really is all about me.  Goodie.  So I’m starting this to do three things:  1. Journal my progress toward success as a writer, 2. Capture whatever miscellany piques my interest, 3. Perhaps catch some of the rich humor of being a parent.


2 responses to “My First Post

  1. Welcome to the Blogosphere!

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