Day Two

Day two aka The Neophyte’s Introduction to blogging.  I was shocked yesterday to get not one, but two readers.  How did this happen?  I haven’t even told my friends yet.  This lead me to an inevitable question – if I tell my friends will I now double my daily readership?  Of course that would rely on my Day One readers returning, which leads to the more complicated existential question of how do I lure my two random readers back?  If they don’t come back does that mean that my blog doesn’t exist or merely that it doesn’t exist for them?  If it doesn’t exist for them and they don’t come back does that mean it has ceased to exist at all?  The angst is endless.

Rapidly changing gears here for fear of spiraling into nothingness.  I did feel compelled to link my blog to my twitter account (where I literally have 15 whole followers) and facebook.  The interesting thing about FB is that people there do read my posts and randomly inquire about my novel.  For some odd reason, that to me is almost as surprising as acquiring two random readers on Day One of my blog.  The fact that they took the time to hit the “Like” button is down right titillating, although I must admit I don’t know how I got the button there, but I do want to encourage both of you to use it again.  So now that I have additional mechanisms to share my blog I shall unleash thee, Day Two, on the world.


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