I Aspire to No “Like” Buttons

I was reading an article on Scalzi’s blog yesterday (this one about teens writing sucking, if you’re curious) and I really wanted to hit the “Like” button at the end because, well, I liked it.  I liked it not just because of the fatherly advice that I can relate to as a 40 year-old father, but also because of the been-there-done-that of the know-it-all easily defensive teenage writer.  🙂  Here’s the thing, there’s no “Like” button!  (The exclamation point was for emphasis, did you like it?)

I scrolled up and down, but couldn’t find it.  Then it occured to me that there are at least two reasons for this.  The first thought that I had was that being a writer, Scalzi would prefer that people actually “write” a comment on his site.  He’s crafty that way (and I like it).  The second is that being an established writer he has no time to trifle with the whole if you hit Like on my site, I’ll pop over to your site and hit Like teenagesque promotion of readership.  Of course the third thought I had was that when Scalzi started blogging in the last century (or thereabouts) that they hadn’t yet invented the Like button.  Although that thought is more humorous it’s less interesting to blog about.

So getting back to my trifle . . . wouldn’t it be great to not have Like buttons on my site?  It would perhaps force me to build a readership the old fashioned way – actually create interesting content that people read and recommend to a friend (the teenager in me says “screw that!”).  Or, generate meaningful dialogue through comments (shockingly my teenager wants to rear his defensive head on this one as well).  Being occasionally bombastic and argumentative, I like my second idea.  Although to this point my only successful excursion down this road involved taunting a friend onto my site for a comment, after bribing her to read my novel with the promise of free food (writers love free food!).  Methinks I need more friends or a dinner party with a buffet.  What say you?


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