First Quarter Goals

Although I did want to avoid joining the deluge of web-based commitments for the New Year, I’ve caved.  Admittedly, I have a good excuse, namely that this is a convenient way to make up for a lack of meaningful content for the day.  That said, I shall now go on with what I hope is not a public predetermination of future failure-based shame.

Before all of that though, I should explain that I am doing quarterly goals, not annual goals.  One of the leaders at my company is Tom Mendoza, a man who I greatly admire.  I have had the pleasure of hearing Tom speak about goals a number of times.  Although I am sure that there have been more than two takeaways, I can only seem to remember two.  The first is that you should write your goals down.  Easy enough.  The second is that you should do it quarterly because if you have to accomplish something in 90 days, you immediately have an Oh Sh#! moment because you have to do something about it now.  Since I have a wee predilection toward procrastination, I’m going to get cracking now!

OK, here’s my first pass at three personal goals for the first quarter of 2013:

  • Blog an average of five times each week
  • Finish the third draft of my novel
  • Be ready for the first triathlon of the season

Those all seem pretty clear and measurable.  Following Tom’s advice, I will sleep on it and review them in twenty-four hours to see if they need adjusting.


2 responses to “First Quarter Goals

  1. Good luck on your goals. Isn’t it amazing how much guilt we bloggers can put on ourselves about writing?

  2. Triathlon! Swim, bike, run. Arms, legs, die. Have fun man, great to have some across your blog, as well as you personally. Hopefully this is the beginning of a productive association!

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