My Mother Read My Site

I suspect that with a title like that many of you are already smiling.  I can appreciate that, but this is not one of those “my mom bashed my blog” type of pieces.  No, this is more of a proud moment.  You see, my mother who like most people I know of her generation (that’s how I’m going to side step stating her age as with most ladies of her generation she will immediately point out that it’s rude to ask or state a lady’s age) she finds basic web browsing and e-mail a challenge.  So the idea that she blazed a trail into the blogosphere just to see what her errant son was up to is well, pretty cool.  I do hope that when I am her same age some decades hence and my son is doing whatever newfangled thing they have then that I am as willing to embrace that thing as my mother was this.

Now, of course, she did ask me what is a blog and I responded with a definition and a (very) brief history.  I also sent her the wiki link.  I’m quite the wealth of information.

My mother even said that she learned something from my site — the word miscellany.  She had never known that it existed before and I state that with some pride.  I might have the edge in formal education, but she has never been one who isn’t reading something (heck my name is from one of the most famous fictional characters of the 20th century), so to learn her a new word tickles me.  I do wish it could have been something more elucidating, erudite, or sagacious a deus ex machina of the blogosphere if you will.  Heck, I wish I could have just worked in perspicacious (my all time favorite word since I discovered it for an English paper in college), but no I show mum miscellany, which she then looked up in a dictionary.  The kind made of paper, for those of you that had to ask.  She closed by commenting that it read like “something nonsensical.”  I wasn’t quite sure if that was meant as some healthy repartee of vocabulary or a straight up assessment.


One response to “My Mother Read My Site

  1. sweetdiaryofmine

    That’s awesome.

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