Starting the Third Draft

Publicity Shot 2013.01.13
I spent several hours at an outdoor café yesterday mapping out my strategy for the 3rd Draft.  I still feel like it’s a big project, but I have more of handle on next steps now and an unexpectedly interesting question.

As an aside, one of the benefits of living in the Triangle is 70-degree weather in January.

For the process, I’ve broken the work up into four phases where each phase is a pass through the novel.  Phase one will be Major changes.  I’ve got 14 significant changes to plot and/or character that I want to make and I’ll adjust each one in the fashion I described in my feedback night post.  Phase two will be minor changes, such as a correction in action or point of dialogue and I have 27 of those that I’ve identified.  For Phase three, I will go back through each chapter and see if there is anything that needs cleaned up.

Phase four might actually be the tough one.  I’ve got three thematic elements that I want to enhance or play with, but these are things that are not as straightforward as plot, character, or dialogue.  What I am thinking is that I need to keep them in mind as I work on the other phases and I can find ways to work on them.  Or, I can find places where I might be able to work with the thematic elements, note them, and plan on circling back later.  Either way, I feel like I’ve got a plan and a good starting point.

Now for the unexpectedly interesting question . . . do I need a title?  Even though people ask me about the title, I haven’t been bothered by not having one.  For my starter novel it came easily, this one not yet, but I figure no big deal.  The thing is, I realized today that now that I am actually writing about the novel and my process that it would certainly be better for ease-of-reference to say something like, Death in the Drift (one suggestion from my readers) or even AH1 (short for first in the Alien Hunter series) rather than “my novel” or “the novel” on and on.  Note-to-self ask all readers to suggest a working title moving forward.

Any thoughts on whether Death in the Drift or AH1 work better?


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