New Thoughts on the 3rd Draft

After laying out a nice and tidy four phase plan, I’m thinking of jettisoning it. Well, collapsing is probably more accurate, but it doesn’t carry the same gripping drama as the word jettison.  The last couple of days I have gotten into active editing mode and it is obvious to me that as I go back to make the major changes, it just plain makes sense to slip the minor ones in as well.  So for instance today as I was changing how Kurt (my main character) gets contracted for his work at the beginning of Chapter 2, I just popped into Chapter 1 to add two sentences that hint at the story world not being the world of the every day (one of the minor changes both of my readers suggested).  Easy and I get two checkmarks.  🙂

The other major happening as I adventure along the 3rd Draft is that I am realizing that I may move through this draft really quickly.  I seem to have forgotten that the slowest part is the initial drafting of the novel and that each subsequent draft moves more rapidly.  I’ve found that in an hour’s work, I’ve been able to cover significant ground, which makes sense since I started with a story that didn’t need additions or background.  I guess the hard work I put in upfront is actually paying off now.

What has me really excited is that I think I can get through making the changes in about a month.  My next step after that is to give each chapter a careful working through again, which I’m guessing will take me about a week.  But here’s the cool part — I was thinking of taking the last week of February off to work on the novel and if things line up (they probably won’t, best laid plans you know) that could be right on time for the careful working through and I could have this draft completely done by the beginning of March.

The beginning of March is a month ahead of schedule!  How cool would that be?  So that’s the new target — take the last week of February off and finish the 3rd draft at the beginning of March.  Granted, it’s an aggressive goal, but I work best (some might say, only work) when I have a goal.


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