Progress Update 2013.01.25

All-righty, woke up on time-ish and wrote on time for the second day in a row — double yay me!  The main change that I made today is that I toned down my main character in two chapters where he interviews people and is antagonistic in way that detracts.  I struggled a bit because I had only my morning hour and I really couldn’t see any small parts to change where I was working, I wanted to hit the big stuff.  So I started to think about where one of my major changes would be (the main character better planning how to use his resources) and I decided on a new Chap 6.  I also realized that if I did that it would make sense to move Chap 14 (where he gets some information) ahead of the interview in Chap 9, because that would just plain make sense (I think) to any logical person.  I also believe that if I make that move the old Chap 9 will improve by virtue of a better interview.  That also gave me a spot for a new character-building scene between my main character and his main squeeze.  (Holy shit, it almost sounds like I know what I’m doing.)  And of course, there are several cascade effects to all of this including the beginning of Chap 14 no longer fitting there, but still being a good enough section that I am determined to find a new home for it.

Although today’s effort was a little less on doing and a little more on organizing, now that I’m describing it I feel really pleased with it.  Also, I am somewhat excited/looking forward to tomorrow because I’ve got a day of focused writing planned and a plan!  🙂  My goal is to get up at 6.  I know, I know, it’s Saturday so 50/50 on the success factor there, but I need goals.


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