Dream Last Night

I was going to be speaking about my book in progress and it was at a large theatre style lecture hall with a stage.  I arrived a little early, not quite prepared and sat at the very back.  I was surprised that a few people filtered in.  Then a few more and I decided to wait a few minutes before speaking to give extra people time to arrive.  I started to get nervous and rapidly think about what I was going to say.  Although I am a good extemporaneous speaker, I hadn’t really anticipated people to show up.  At about ten after the hour I decided to start and I felt nervous and excited about there being 30-40 people there.  Shortly after I started, a dance troupe for young girls showed up to practice.  Their music was very loud and I had trouble being heard over them.  I sent a friend down to ask them to turn off the music.  When they did, I noticed that there were now more people present and the hall was starting to look crowded.  I got even more nervous and started to fumble my notes, feeling like I really needed to say something cogent.  I apologized for the delay and began to speak again.  I had that distinct feeling of being underprepared and knowing that the people who came to see me knew it, but hoping they wouldn’t say anything or that I could at least cover it up.

Tell me that isn’t about my writing and blogging.


2 responses to “Dream Last Night

  1. Could be about your book tour.

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