Filing Project Complete

Filing Project 2013.01.27

I don’t know what it is about filing, but I just can’t bring myself to do it consistently.  So every year I tell myself I’m going to be more organized.  Every year I am going to start with filing, the bane of my existence.  Every year, well, you know, not so much the year for success.

Usually I have this wave of energy right at the end of the year, I think it’s that whole turning over a new leaf thing.  Since I’m basically an optimist, I think that with a few days off between Christmas and New Years, some positive energy around making a change, and the convenience of a new set of digits on the calendar that I should be able to make a change.

Three years ago this resulted in me buying a banker’s box and dumping everything I wanted to file into that box.  Honestly, I’m still not exactly sure where that box is.  Two years ago I bought a set of boxes (twice actually, but I temporarily misplaced one set) and some file folders.  I never quite got around to making the folders, probably because I felt too entirely daunted by the large pile of unfiled items, so I just dumped everything in a box again.  At least this time, I know where the box is.

Things began to shift a year ago.  This time I had leftover boxes and brand new file folders.  I actually made a folder for everything that I thought I would need.  Then I got the big pile of unfiled stuff and started filing and making folders for the stuff I hadn’t anticipated.  I spent most of the year collecting stuff in my “Inbox” instead of filing.  A couple of times I did some filing, but the size of the pile always seemed to outpace my capacity to file.  This time, however, I was determined to get the upper hand.  So over my Christmas to New Years break I started to nibble at the pile, a few minutes filing here and a few minutes there.  I did the same two weekends ago and the same today.  Lo and behold, everything got filed.

And so, for the first time since, well probably in my adult life, I am starting out the year (it’s still January, so that’s close enough in my book) with everything from the previous year filed and organized.  As well as files ready to go for this year.  I feel really good about that.  Now my next step is to go as paperless as possible.  I still get far too many things via paper and if I don’t have the paper arriving in the first place, I surely won’t need to file it.


2 responses to “Filing Project Complete

  1. You’re 2 years ahead of me. So refreshing to have that actual and proverbial weight lifted. I just shredded 2003 – 2006. What a load off. Kudos and well wishes, you adult you.

    • Thank you and kudos to you as well, you adult you. Who knew we could be so adult? 🙂 It is amazing — the actual “pile” in my bedroom wasn’t that big really, but the emotional space it cleared was huge. I keep thinking my bedroom is so much tidier and more open that I keep staring at the space where the pile used to be.

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