Progress Update 2013.01.28

This is a tale of two days and to unfittingly butcher the literary reference, it was the best of days and the worst of days.  Not really, but good and bad.

Saturday was a good work day.  I got up at 6-ish and got to work by 7 (coffee, procrastination fueled by lack of caffeine, etc).  I spent most of the day working and I hit the big stuff that I was so tempted by on Friday.  Kurt, my main character, now has a bit of a plan on how to use his resources, but I decided that a new Chap 6 wasn’t necessary and I just prepended it to the existing one.  I moved Chap 13 (where he gets some information) to Chap 7, ahead of the interview in Chap 9, but I think it only mildly improved the interview.  I created the new Chap 8 with the character-building scene between Kurt and his main squeeze.  I’m still not sold on that change, but I figure I’ll see how my next set of readers react before I decide whether or not to keep it.  All in all I worked across 8-9 different chapters moving bits of the puzzle around to see how they might fit better.  I worked pretty hard and I felt good at the end of the day.

Today was a little different story.  I was up and at my writing station on time, but I had trouble finding something to fix.  The first thing was a minor change that I wrote the wrong page down on and couldn’t find at all (it’s possible that it moved with all of the shuffling).  The second was an ambiguous note about making a character work harder in a scene.  I couldn’t make heads nor tails of it, so I looked back at my original notes — same there.  I e-mailed the reader who supplied the feedback and moved on (she did respond, but was just as unsure as I, Note-To-Self — take better notes).  Then I struggled with Chap 25.  Kurt gets in a jam, but gets freed too easily.  I thought so when I originally wrote it, but figured I would change it later.  Well, later has come and I’m drawing a blank.  I finally had to skip that or lose the last of my productive time, so I made a deal with myself to come up with something by the end of week and I moved on.  Finally I picked a major change to transportation, which seemed easy and I started plugging away on that.


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