Progress Update 2013.02.02

This delayed update is a little more of a not blogging factor than a not writing factor.  I wrote Tuesday and Wednesday; I did not write Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday I finished making the major change to transportation, which proved a little easier than I thought it would be.  The other thing that I did was to change the name of an institution.  I had called it the Court and I liked the name, but somehow in listening to my readers talk about it just sounded like the name didn’t really accurately describe it’s function.  So I changed it to the Consulate and changed the thing I called the Consulate to the Liaison.

Wednesday I had a little trouble picking something, I guess I may have been cherry-picking the easy changes up until now.  Previously, I had a chase scene where Kurt serendipitously sees a suspect and chases him in both Chap 10 & 16.  The problem was that due to an amazing lack of creativity on the part of the author, it was literally almost the EXACT same scene.  After some handwringing, I decided to cut the scene from Chap 16.  I had other stuff going on in that chapter and I just couldn’t convince myself that I really needed to have the same chase happen twice.  So I took a couple of good descriptive elements from Chap 16 and added them to the scene in Chap 10 to improve it and then deleted the rest of it out of Chap 16.


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