Progress Toward Goals

Since we’re 1/3 of the way through the first quarter, I thought that it made sense to check in and see how I’m doing on my goals.

1. Blog an Average of 5 Times a Week.  I haven’t done it.  I would have needed to write 20 posts by 1/30.  I actually wrote 16, which translates to an average of 4 per week. Not bad.  My best week (Mon-Sun) was the week of 1/21 with 8.  I actually felt like I was getting into a groove about a week ago, particularly with the aid of my (Somewhat) Daily Updates, but it was a rough week for me this week and I didn’t do so well on the blogging front.  That said, it’s a new month!

2. Finish the 3rd Draft of AH1 (the continuously unnamed novel).  This one is a little hard to quantify.  That said, I do have a plan and I have made 22 of 27 planned minor changes 8 of 14 significant changes.  Although I still don’t know what to do about Chap 25, I am well on my way to hitting this goal.

3. Be Ready for the First Triathlon of the Season.  Not so well on this one.  Breaking the inertia of the my extended layoff has been hard, particularly with the current emphasis on writing.  Before this week I think I got out for a total of 2-3 workouts.  This was my first decent week with 4 workouts.  Technically I am merely not on track as much as I need to be as opposed to off track (love how I can split hairs?).  But I really can’t afford for February to be anything near to what January was.


4 responses to “Progress Toward Goals

  1. January is always the toughest month in a year for achieving goals. We set so many for a new year and then after the first week or two the burst disappears. Then in February we are determined to make up for it, then March is the time we strive to beat February, and the chain of improvement continues. Good luck with your goals, I’m sure you’ll have more productive month this time!

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement. I do find that I have the loft goal, burst of energy, bursting of accomplishment cycle. So, February is the month that I’m more concerned about. That said, I feel like I had a good January overall and I’ve got good momentum flowing into this month. Provided I don’t completely collapse, I’ll post at the beginning of March on how I’m doing. Please check back in.

  2. Lisa "Wright" Manahan

    WOW, this is great, I am still trying to determine and compile a list my 2013- “Goals for the Year,” trying to be realistic and not generate the same yearly generic list……One NEED an account… establish a REAL BUDGET…I can read all I want and put it in paper, looks great but poor at the implementation…any suggestions??

    • Lisa, in general I find that breaking problems down into smaller parts helps me. My real writing goal is to be read, which consists of multiple large projects like this blog and my novel. If I think of the end state, I’m happy, if I think of the goal I get overwhelmed by the magnitude of it (I find that for unaccomplished goals, this sense of overwhelm is always there, otherwise, it would be easy and I’d be done already). So I break things into parts — what is a manageable goal for the next 90 days that helps me along the way? In my case, finish the 3rd draft and be consistent (I’m defining as 5X a week) with blogging. Also, if I write the goals down (particularly in such a public way) it helps. If I understand your specific question, it is how do I get from a good plan to good execution. My advice would be to schedule 30 minutes every week to balance your checkbook and fill in on your budget spreadsheet (that’s what I actually use) or app how you spent your money. The 30 minutes is not a lot of time and needs to be nonnegotiable, so pick a day/time that’s realistic for you like when the kids are occupied or tell them that you need 30 minutes and threaten to use duct tape. At the end of the month, see how well you guessed for last month, make new guesses (a.k.a. a budget) and repeat the process.

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