Progress Update 2013.02.15

The last week or so have been a little challenging and unfortunately I have gotten out of rhythm for both blogging and writing.  That said, here is where I am:

In my feeling stuck post I said that I was sitting on a decision.  I sat on it for a few days and then went with option #3.  It just seemed to make the most sense.  Also, I have an increased sense of urgency for a reason that I will write about tomorrow and it always takes a little longer than I think, so I’ll probably finish right on time (the irony is that I have this silly fear of being done too soon — now that’s funny!).

So I started at the beginning, again.  I read a chapter (on paper this time).  I update my outline to reflect what is actually now in the chapter.  Then I give the chapter a slow out loud reading and fix what needs to be fixed.  I have done Chapters 1 & 2.  With a little luck, I’ll wake up on time tomorrow, my son won’t, and I’ll get through Chapter 3.


2 responses to “Progress Update 2013.02.15

  1. Being done too soon. Oh the horror. Here’s to you finding a new rhythm and kiddos that sleep in.

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