The Coolest Offer Ever

Calendar 2013.02.16

No Really!  And there are no coupons or telemarketers!!

Kellie is a FB friend who I have known since junior high.  Like many of my FB friends we lost touch after high school, but we have been getting caught up recently.  Not surprisingly (technically it is surprising to me, but I feel compelled to qualify it this way for some odd reason), Kellie has been reading my FB posts and blog posts about my book.

At some point I made a post or comment about getting ready for or looking for readers and Kellie responded that she would be interested.  But this is where it gets really cool.  Her interest wasn’t so much in reading it as an individual as having her book group read it!  After clarifying that I am still in the hey tell me what I can do to improve it phase, she said that they were game.  Not only that, she is hoping that the idea of being able to discuss a book with a visiting author can help punch some new life into her group.

Now here’s the funny thing for me, when she broached the subject it was tentatively.  As if I might not want to spend an evening with a group of stylish ladies (ages withheld as a tip of the hat to southern decency) sipping wine.  She had me at ladies and wine.  But throw in book discussion and top it off with MY book.  Holly exploding face muscles batman, my cheeks about popped off from the smile.  Though I am generally given to hyperbole . . . not here!

You see, although I hope to make money from my writing, the real goal of a writer is to be read. It’s that simple.  Amazingly this is something that I’ve only realized recently (what can I say, I’m a late bloomer).  Somewhere between my incipient blogging career and conversations with Kellie it has become clear to me that it’s about getting read.

Sure, I like writing because I like to write and I like to express myself.  I also like writing because I enjoy the craft, but don’t get me wrong the prospect of being read is the ultimate high.  So spending an evening hearing about what doesn’t work and why is intriguing from the standpoint of learning the craft and the ultimate from the standpoint of achieving my goals.

I could ramble on for another 500 words, easy, about how cool this feels, but I won’t burden you with that.  I will, however, reserve the right to blog about it again.

Now as to the logistics, I have committed to finishing the 3rd draft by 3/1.  With the idea that this would allow them a solid month to read it.  Then some time in April (we’re still working out the date), I’ll head down to the group for an evening of wine and discussion.  OK I seriously can’t wait.  And now yesterday’s reference to an increased sense of urgency should be more clear.  I’m really on the hook to finish this thing in 13 DAYS.  (Holy crap who deleted those two extra days out of February?)  I do think this will be a little bit of stretch, which has me smiling and excellent incentive to make good use of my week off.


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