Progress Update 2013.02.21

So I did wake up on time Saturday, my son actually slept an hour late, and I got through Chapter 3.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that so far this week I’ve only managed to make it through one more chapter.  To be clear, the issue is not so much motivation as time.  Monday was a holiday, which I spent with my son and Tuesday-Thursday I had day trips for work which necessitated me hitting the road right after he got on the school bus (I normally work in the mornings).  At night, I’ve had short windows and well, hell, I’ve been tired.  All of that said, as I reflect on the last three days I’m happy that I even managed to get through one more chapter.

For tomorrow, there is a three hour delay for school because someone spotted a snowflake thirty miles north of us.  So both of us are sleeping in!  Most likely I won’t write in the morning, but right now I feel really OK with that.  It helps that I have no plans for tomorrow night, so I’ll probably cut out of work a little early and do my writing in the evening.


2 responses to “Progress Update 2013.02.21

  1. Sounds like good progress to me. I work and have family responsibilities. It’s hard. The good news is that you are consistent. Sometimes it’s inch by inch. Keep going!

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