Progress Update 2013.02.27

It’s a mixed bag so far.  I had a solid work day on Saturday, but I did not make the progress I wanted.  Chapter 6 proved to be particularly slow on the editing for some reason.  I worked some Sunday afternoon to make up for not hitting my goal on Saturday, but not quite enough to close the gap.  I slept in on Monday (I know, I know, but I figured starting well-rested was a good idea) and then I had a school meeting, so I really only worked half of the day.  Yesterday I had a really solid day, but I am definitely still short for the week.

It’s harder to track my progress based on chapters because I have collapsed two and split two.  I also think that I am going to split the chapter that I am currently working on (Chapter 19) because it’s particularly long.  So I’ll give you a page count.  Since Saturday I have edited 114 pages.  My back of the envelope math says that number needs to be 180.  I have 252 pages to go and three days.  The simple math tells me that I need to get through 84 pages today!

I changed my process yesterday to speed things up a little and I think it’s working.  We’ll see how I do today.


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