Progress Update 2013.02.28

Yesterday started slow, again.  Then in the afternoon I got up a real head of steam.  I think that 50% of that was that in the first part of the book I had more inserts, moves, changes to the plot/setup, etc. and so I think there was more ironing out needed.  I think the other 50% was just willing myself to move through the editing more quickly.  The moving more quickly bodes well for today, but I’m a little concerned that the end of the novel may get short-changed.

I needed to do 84 pages yesterday, I did 60.  I feel confident I can do 60 today, my stretch goal is 80, and my fantasy goal is 100.  I have 192 pages to go and two days.  The simple math tells me that I need to get through 96 pages today and tomorrow to hit that!

I am already planning on working into the evening tonight in order to push my progress.  I suspect that I won’t finish the editing tomorrow, but with a late night tonight and some weekend time I might finish it by Sunday. We’ll see how I do today.


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