Progress Update 2013.03.01

Yesterday I started with a really good head of steam.  Unfortunately, I had an unexpected personal issue that tied up part of my afternoon, so that set me back majorly.  There was also an event at my son’s school yesterday evening, so I was limited in what ground I could make up last night.  BUT, I was determined to make up ground and so I stayed up until almost midnight to keep pushing.

The ultra good news is that I finally fixed Chapter 25.  It’s now Chapter 28.  It’s still in the same place in the plot, there were just a lot of changes/additions in front of it.  I feel pretty pleased with the change, it’s not huge or dramatic, just fixed.  That is a really good outcome from yesterday.

Yesterday I set my goals up as:  “I feel confident I can do 60 today, my stretch goal is 80, and my fantasy goal is 100.”  I did 70 pages. I have 123 pages to go.  Obviously I am not going to finish today, but I believe with a strong effort today and some solid weekend work that I can finish within the week.

Because my son will be with me today I am setting a difficult goal of 50 pages. I want to get cranking here, so I am out.


2 responses to “Progress Update 2013.03.01

  1. Is there a writer’s equivalent of “Break a leg” ?

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