Progress Update 2013.03.02

Yesterday I set a difficult goal of 50 pages and it was difficult.  But I hit it!

Honestly, I probably could have gotten another 10 done, but toward the end I was feeling very tired and beginning to doubt that I was editing with much quality and decided to stop.  Upon reflection, I may have been wrong.  I caught a plot inconsistency that I fixed and in subsequent chapters what amounted to the same conversation happening twice, one of which I deleted.  Well, technically I took the best parts from one and inserted them into the chapter where the conversation made more sense to live, but it amounts to the same thing.  I also found a “that doesn’t make sense” that the reader of my first draft found, but I seem to have missed on multiple passes.  It died a quick death in the infinite pursuit of “making sense.”

So, as I write about this, I feel like it was actually a pretty good day.  I hit my goal and did some quality work.

I am 75 pages from the end and feel very confident that I can finish editing within the week!  My goal is to do 20 pages today and 20 pages tomorrow, which should make finishing entirely easy.  In fact, it should make it entirely easy to get copies out to my readers within the week.


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