Progress Update 2013.03.05

I hit my Saturday goal, not quite my Sunday goal, and I had productive mornings the last two days.  I am on page 379 of 396.  17 pages to go!

I NEED to go to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow starts early and is jam packed at work, so I don’t think I’ll be able to write until tomorrow night.  But with only 17 pages to go, I am within striking distance of finishing my editing tomorrow!

The plot inconsistency I referenced fixing in my last update post paid dividends in later chapters.  I read a couple of chapters that are decently written and I tweaked, but I am wondering if I might need to punch up the plot a bit.  I think I’ll wait and see what the readers pick up on regarding those chapters.  At this point, I am excited to be nearly done and I am hoping that I don’t read my last few chapters only to have the crushing realization that they need to be dramatically rewritten.

New Goal:  Finish the 3rd Draft Thursday morning.

Stretch Goal:  Finish the 3rd Draft Wednesday night.


4 responses to “Progress Update 2013.03.05

  1. You can do it!!

  2. Look at you getting down with yo bad self. Hope you cross the finish line early.

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