3rd Draft Is In The Can!

3rd In The Can 2013.03.07

Woot Woot!!  I must admit it feels pretty good.  That isn’t surprising in itself, it’s more that I had to fight through an incipient head cold and some basic sleep deprivation to get across the finish line.  So I’m a little surprised that I am feeling anything other than a strong desire to crawl under the covers at this late hour.

I do have a nice smile on my face as I write this.  I know that there are still flaws in the book and I’m trying not to analyze them just yet because I want to focus on feeling good about my accomplishment.  I also know that this book is better than it was January 1st and that’s really cool.  I’m glad that I read it page 1 to 397 editing as I went.  It was tough work, but I needed to do that and it’s a better book for the effort.

So what’s next?  The first next is getting it out to my readers.  I have 2.5 readers lined up from my writers’ group and I’ll probably solicit a couple more.  And, of course, there are the Stylish Ladies anxiously awaiting my draft.  Tomorrow I will convert it to pdf and with a little luck I’ll figure out how to convert it to the kindle format and I’ll start pushing it out to my readers.  I guess I might take tomorrow evening off (it is Friday after all) and have a little celebration.


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