Now What?

No basking in the afterglow?  I think that sums up how I feel.

Last night, after getting the 3rd draft (of my perpetually unnamed novel) in the can and despite a very stuffy head/nose and fatigue, I felt juiced.  I felt chatty.  Briefly talked to a friend on FB, wanted to talk to others.

This morning, after I put my son on the school bus, I was like, so now what?  Normally that’s the time I write when I don’t have meetings first thing for work.  But my draft was done.  My son was gone.  It was just me and a sunbeam on my couch with my coffee.  I felt empty.  Not empty in the sense of sadness, loneliness, or loss.  Empty in the sense of “huh.”

I literally sat there for 30 minutes, coffee long finished, feeling empty.  And not knowing what to do with my self.  I would like to say that I felt complete, but that’s not true.  I had a sense of wanting to celebrate my accomplishment, but in a limited fashion since it is just a (significant) milestone in a larger project.  I also had a sense of wanting to share my success, but not really having anyone to share it with.  So I sat down and started typing this entry as a way to share.

From here, I have a vague sketch of a plan.  🙂  My immediate focus as I said last night, is pushing it out to the people who have agreed to read the 3rd draft and picking up a couple more volunteers.    I suspect that I will have that all wrapped up by tomorrow.  I hope to get feedback from most of my readers the first weekend in April and from the Stylish Ladies on April 20th.

The next thing is to take a month off from the novel.  I find the separation does me some good.  Although I am amazed at the details I can work with and manage when I am heavily engaged with the novel, at the same time I recognize that a little time off gives me some fresh perspective when I go back to it.  So the goal for the next month is not to work on it.  If things go to plan with my readers, I will probably start chipping away at the 4th draft the second week of April.

In the meantime, I am going to start on the sequel.  I already have the basic concept in mind and the malfeasant.  I need to finish writing the background for my next bad guy and plot the 2nd book.  I feel confident that I can get both of those things done in the next month.  The outline might not be very good, but it will be a first draft so that’s fine.

Oh, for those of you wondering why I don’t take a month completely off — well, I’ve done that before and what I have discovered is that after a month off it takes me at least another month to get back into a consistent groove with writing, so I end up loosing two months.  Besides which, I already have the idea for the next one.


4 responses to “Now What?

  1. G’day from down under! Just arrived and am fighting jet lag, trying to stay awake and I read your posting…Congrats on finishing and lets go get coffee when I return. Take care!

    • G’day and welcome to Australia. I’ve always heard that the key to fighting jet lag is to immediately adjust to the time you’re on, no matter how you feel.

      I look forward to the coffee.

  2. Congratulations on completing your third draft. I look forward to reading your soon to be NY Times Bestseller!

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