Tremendous BackSliding

Oh no, can I get back on track?

Ok it’s not really tremendous backsliding, but that does sound more dramatic than “I haven’t written in a few days.”  What can I say, I’m shamelessly trying to draw you into reading this (both of you!).  I’m also trying to have a little fun with myself, because it is starting to bug me that I haven’t written for a few days.

I quite consciously took the weekend off.  Friday I celebrated a little with some friends the completion of my 3rd draft and I decided that it was OK not to write for the weekend, that I would get back on it Monday.  Well Monday morning I didn’t get up on time.  Monday evening I couldn’t write because I had soccer practice (for the team I coach) and then had to drive out of town for work.  You see where this is going . . .

So here I am Wednesday evening and all I’ve managed to do is read the backstory that I’ve previously written for the main badie in my sequel.  The good news is that it’s solid, actually really solid.  But it’s only about half done and reading it is ALL I’ve done.  And you have probably noticed that in this same time span I have not blogged either.

Think there’s a correlation?  I do.  So I’m breaking the backsliding by actually blogging tonight.  And I’m “coming clean” about my unintended 4-day holiday from writing.  My thought being, well, this is highly technical and complicated . . . the best way to get writing again, is to, write.  I suddenly feel very amused by how I’m writing about how I haven’t been writing as a way to get writing.  If I were hanging with some of my writer friends I would probably be announcing that in a very Monty Pythonesque voice.

OK, Step 1 blog tonight.  Step 2 get up at 6 am tomorrow and write.


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