Progress Update 2013.03.14

Last night I wrote about not writing as a way to get myself writing and it worked.  This morning I got up and wrote.  I did 1500 words of backstory for my bad guy in the the sequel to my perpetually untitled current novel.  Let’s call the new one AH2.  There that sounds better.  So 1500 single spaced words which is a smidge over 2 pages.  I feel like that was an entirely good effort for the day.

My goal for tomorrow is to do at least 1000 more words of backstory.  I think I only need about 2 more pages on this character because what I already have is pretty solid and detailed.  The worse case scenario is that I complete the backstory over the weekend, which will be pretty nice since that will give me 2-3 weeks to work on the outline.  So I am set for tomorrow — a minimum of 1000 words of backstory.


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