Progress Update 2013.03.15

I was a little sluggish this morning — long week and too much time on FB last night.  I did manage to do just over 500 words, which is a good effort and I feel satisfied with it.  I’m drifting toward summarizing, which tells me that I have gotten about all that I can out of the backstory for this character.  I still want to aim at about another 500-1500 words and see what happens.  The really good news is that his motivations and character, in terms of how he makes choices, are becoming really clear to me and so are the big steps in the murder so the initial plotting may prove to be easy.

My goal for tomorrow is to do at least 500 more words of backstory.  I would like to say 1000, but my son has an early soccer game in the morning and then we go straight to my game, so 500 is probably realistic.  Since it’s my first game of the season I fully expect to be sore and not in the mood to do much in the afternoon/evening, so I don’t see myself writing tomorrow night.  With that in mind, I’ll commit to another 500 words Sunday so that I can get this backstory done by the end of the weekend.


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