I’m Feeling Encouraged

And that’s not a BS line.

Eight days ago, as I described to a friend of mine how I had just finished the 3rd draft of my novel he asked to read it.  I want some non-writers reading it and he’s a Sci-Fi fan (and I’ve got a corner of my book in the Sci-Fi world), so I took him up on the offer.  Not only has he already finished it, but he has also already given me feedback!

There were three main takeaways that struck me from his feedback.  First, he said that my concept was fresh.  That’s pretty intense from a guy who devours about 3 books a week — he’s done some reading.  Second, he likes it, he is hopeful that it’s a series (it is), and he “wants more.”  OK, so I shall pause here for a completely self-indulgent “Wow!”  </pause>  Third, he has actually given me the most insightful feedback to-date on my main character and how to improve him.  Technically, I didn’t ask for that, just how to make the book better.  But that’s what he offered and I’m appreciatively absorbing it.  I am going to consider all of what he proposed and I will definitely incorporate some of it (most likely a lot of it).  There were other points too that were really useful.

As I was riding the high from that, I read Hugh Howey’s latest post on Advice to Aspiring Authors.  I follow Howey’s blog in large part because he has blazed a trail that I intend to follow.  As I’m reading it, I’m thinking to myself “Yeah, there’s no reason in the world I can’t move my timetable up — finish AH1 sooner, maybe by the end of summer, and yeah, why not push and start the first draft for AH2 like now!”  I mean really why don’t I push?  I love the advice Howey gives, which is to build your catalogue and readership and along the way become successful — I’m in!

So of course I laid out a more aggressive plan and timetable!  😀  Why not??

Along the way, in the past few days, I’ve had several friends read my blog and offer varying forms of encouragement.  That can not be underestimated!  The most humorous of which came late last night (I’m guessing after a few glasses of wine), in which a friend challenged me to stretch past my paltry 500 word goal for today.  So I responded.  I wrote 1000 words this morning by 7:30 am and sent her a note letting her know that I stretched!  This officially serves as my public “Thank You” to her because not only do I not mind a kick in the butt, but I also tend to respond well.  I did today and I am feeling really encouraged, a little high really, with where I am on my writing path.

With that, it’s time for a glass of wine and a movie.


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