Progress Update 2013.03.26

On my last update, I had a goal of having the first 20-25 chapters plugged into my outline for AH2 by week’s end.  On Saturday I was at 22 Chapters.  Yesterday I plugged another six chapters in and so I now stand at 28 Chapters in the outline.  If I can do 5-6 a day for the remainder of the week, I will finish my outline on Friday.  Finishing on Friday keeps me on the pace I’m aiming for.

My goal now is to finish the outline for AH2 Friday morning, print it out (yeah, sometimes I like to get crazy and bust it old school), and review/tweak it over the weekend.  I don’t envision a ton of tweaking since it’s a first draft outline for a first draft novel, but we’ll see how it goes.  If I execute to this plan it will also put me in an excellent spot to decide whether or not I really am going to Nano.


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