Progress Update 2013.03.29

Of course I didn’t finish my outline this morning as planned.  Between playing on FB too late last night (coconspirators, you know who you are!) and a sick kid this morning, well there was no writing.  That said, I circled back and finished it this evening!  Interestingly, it turned out to be 43 Chapters, which is the same number of chapters in the first draft of my outline for the first book.  I wasn’t aiming for that, it just happened.

So now I will sleep on it.  Perhaps I should literally do that (since I did bust it old school and print it out on actual paper).  I wonder if I stuck it under my pillow tonight, what dreams may come?  I think I will do that just for entertainment value.  Tomorrow I will give it a couple of read throughs and again on Sunday to see what tweaks I want to make and I’ll get those plugged in before the end of the weekend.

If I do all of that, it puts me in a position where I can actually choose to do the Nano, which I am increasingly leaning toward.


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