To Nano or Not To Nano Part II

Why not?  That’s how I’m feeling tonight at any rate.

I sat in the tub tonight (the Saturday night epsom salt bath is part of the ritual of soccer season at my age) and read the outline for AH2.  It’s decent.  It doesn’t blow me away, but then a first draft of an outline isn’t meant to.  IMHO if the first draft of your outline blows you away you either spent too damned much time on it or you are overly infatuated with your own work.  I see it more as a tool to prime the pump and give direction and significant parts of it are going to change later anyway.  </tangent>

The outline is competent.  Actually, a little better than I thought it would be.  Not any significant holes, no real corners worked into, and only a few minor loose ends that I can connect later in interesting ways or drop.  It’s better than the 1st draft outline for AH1, which it should be since it’s the same main characters in the same world and I’ve got one with them under my belt already.  It’s a good starting point.

So here I sit, two days (well a day and a half but who’s splitting hairs?) before the start of Camp Nano and I’ve got a good starting point.  Right now it looks like most of the feedback on AH1 isn’t going to come until I see the Stylish Ladies April 20th and I need something to do lest I suffer the withering of my writing muscle.  So, why not Nano?

As I’ve discussed before, if I go for it, I’m going for it whole hog (I think it’s fine to use that metaphor, my first drafts are somewhat pig-like).  Quite frankly as much as I’ve tried to rationalize to friends reasons that I ought not to do it, I keep getting a resounding “that’s OK, Go For It.”  As a complete aside, some times I find it curious that people are actually into and encouraging of what I’m doing here.  Regardless of my curious puzzlement, my friends seem to dig what I’m trying to do and they are helping to push me down the road.  And you know, that is a big part of why I am going to go for it.

Some how there is some sort of feedback loop or reciprocating circuit that connects people to you when they encourage you to a goal and connects you back to them.  I think it lifts both of you up.  I feel lifted.  I feel that it will be a tough month, but I feel like I can do it because of the encouragement and that I will do it.  And at the end of the month, I’m going to feel pretty badass!  I’ll have a completed 1st Draft of AH2 and all of the feedback that I need to charge into the 4th Draft of AH1.  Rock n Roll.  Why wouldn’t I go for it?


2 responses to “To Nano or Not To Nano Part II

  1. Everyone should feel like a badass once in awhile. Good luck!

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