Review of Goals for Q1 2013

At the beginning of the year, I laid out my goals for Q1 and now it’s time to review how I did.

1. Blog an Average of 5 Times a Week.  Not quite.  In March I hit an average of 4 posts per week (with a very strong finish).  Overall for the quarter, I was at 3.6 per week.  4 may have been a more realistic goal, but overall I’m pleased.  I’m still doing it after 3 months and I seem to be increasing momentum rather than losing it.

2. Finish the 3rd Draft of AH1 (the continuously unnamed novel).  Finished early!  Stoked!  I officially finished it March 7th.  I did so well here, that I’ve managed to put myself in position to start the second book in the series tomorrow.

3. Be Ready for the First Triathlon of the Season.  I missed on this one.  Although I have steadily been increasing the number and quality of my workouts, I am not ready for a Tri.  At the same time, I’m playing soccer and in much better shape than I was 1/1.

Overall, I feel pleased with how I did.  Now I sleep on a list of goals for Q2.


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