2013 2nd Quarter Goals

As I explained here, I am doing quarterly goals.  With that in mind here are my three and a half personal goals for the 2nd quarter of 2013:

  1. Triple Daily Blog Views.  I honestly have no clue how I am going to do this.  That said, since I’ve gotten from no where to somewhere in three short months why not?  Doubling it sounded too easy, so of course I need to “triple” it.  My current average is 14 views per day.  So my goal is 42 views per day by the end of June.
  2. Finish the 4th Draft of BC1 (formerly TH1).  (I have officially changed the shorthand reference for this novel series from AHx to THx).  Simple.  Straightforward.
  3. Finish the 1st Draft of BC2 (formerly TH2).  This is the half goal.  I seem to have some time to kill while my readers are working on TH1 and I needed something to do so I signed up for Camp NaNo.  You can follow my progress here.
  4. Register for the First Triathlon of the Season.  The stretch goal is to participate in my first, but since I usually need to register for one before I get serious about my workouts and I haven’t looked at the calendar yet to know if there is an achievable one out there, well I figured register made sense as a goal even if it’s a layup.

Those all seem pretty clear and measurable.


3 responses to “2013 2nd Quarter Goals

  1. Oh dear goodness, I need you to talk some sense into me (or talk some crazy, whatever you prefer)…. I may be taking a dose of my own medicine. I just had so much fun finishing up draft 2 of my first book, and had all these ideas floating around for the next book (3rd in the series), that I just sat down and churned out an outline for it, and now I’m considering doing Camp NaNo this month to get the first draft out.

    I know it’s a few days in, and I’m also going to a a conference next week which means not much writing will happen…. But I’ve just got the bug! I also really think that when I have a heavy creative writing goal, it helps me be more relaxed and productive with the rest of my work, paradoxically.

    Am I nuts??

    • First of all, you are a writer, so of course you’re nuts. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I often find that when I have more goals and structure that I do perform better across the board. When I was in school my grades were better when I had a job.

      Regarding Nano, you’ll have both Sam and I for company this month and that seems pretty cool (can you say Write-In at the cafe?). And as for the conference next week? Wah! I’ve got a son, full-time job, I’m a soccer coach and I “make” the time to write, I don’t want to hear about a conference being problematic. Get up early, don’t go out for the evening, and make up what you don’t get done on the weekend.

      The worst case scenario is you miss your goal, but have a chunk of novel completed at the time that school let’s out for the summer. You’ll have time to finish before your trip. So I say go for it.

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