Progress Update 2013.04.04

I am NaNoing.  You can follow my progress here.

Monday went great!  I hit my ridiculous daily word goal (2285) and I was shocked at how easily the first chapter came.  In retrospect, it makes sense that I would have a good flow (at least at the start) since I know the characters, their relationships, and the world.  Since Monday, I have struggled a little more than I anticipated with my schedule.  I do have my son this week, so I didn’t expect to hit my word goal each day, but I did think that I would do better.  That said, 4200 words through Thursday is nothing to sneeze at and I’ve got a really solid 1.5 Chapters.

I expect that I can make up some of my shortfall over the weekend.  I plan on writing in between soccer games Saturday (coach in the morning, play in the afternoon).  Then on Sunday, I’m getting together with a couple of friends who are also crazy NaNoers and we’re doing a write-in, which should help me to make up some ground.  We’ll see where I stand Sunday evening.


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