Progress Update 2013.04.07

Tonight I wanted to do a longer post about my 3rd Draft feedback night Friday, but I’m running last (as usual) so that will have to wait for tomorrow <fingers crossed>.

So, Friday turned out to be an unexpectedly light day with only 160 words. What can I say, stuff happens. I did not end up producing a big make up day on Saturday, but today I really buckled down: 6110 words! I feel really good about that.

Since I am kid free this week, my overall goal is to keep pace with my daily word goal and Tuesday evening crank out some extra work. If I can at least be on pace at the end of the week, I’ll be OK with that. If I’m ahead of pace — gravy.

One minor complicating factor. My laptop’s battery is no longer charging. So as I write this I have 2 hours and 21 minutes of life left in the computer and a burning desire to spend some of that life backing up tonight. I don’t think this will get in the way of some morning writing tomorrow, since I’ve printed my outline (see those of you out there doubting my old school style now have reason to reconsider that doubt!) and I can make liberal use of my son’s laptop! šŸ™‚ That said, this feels like a one day solution. Can you say, “Genius Bar, here I come?”

To track my Camp Nano progress, checkĀ here.


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