Progress Update 2013.04.18

OK, I’m forcing myself to post tonight because it has been almost a week since my last update!

The week is going not as well as I would like, but about what I should expect. As an aside, I never seem to allow reality to influence my expectations. So, even though I thought that I could do better this week, my word total is pretty closely matching my word total from two weeks ago (the last time I had my son). So I should just predict now that in two weeks my word total will be pretty similar to this week. Let’s see if I manage to forget that!

I’ve struggled pretty hard with being tired this week, extra tired, and that has dampened both my morning and my evening output for writing, blogging, etc. I actually went to bed early (for me) two nights in a row, but of course I’m blowing that tonight in part to write this.

So, tomorrow my beautiful wonderful son goes to his mother’s home for a week and I get to play author more aggressively. I, of course, have set up a marginally to not quite realistic goal of doing 15,000 words this weekend. So one could expect to find me in a café jacked up on caffeine tomorrow evening, Saturday morning, and again some time on Sunday. We’ll see how well that works out.  🙂

To track my Camp Nano progress, check here.


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