I Finally Get to Meet the Ladies

I realize that title may connote something entirely different than I intended, but you’re probably still reading because of that so I’m going with it.

For those of you who have been reading along with me for a bit, you will know that tonight is the night that I finally get to experience the coolest offer ever. In the interest of full disclosure, I am totally looking forward to seeing my old friend, being social, and enjoying some good wine and food.

That said, the whole book review thing is totally intriguing! I know that I’m a writer and so I want people to read my stuff, and these ladies have. But what is intriguing is that this is my first REAL audience. Save the host, none of them know me. None of them (I believe) are writers. They’re just regular, uh err, well Stylish Ladies, who like to read. They’re regular people and I am absolutely curious what they will think of my book. I am also curious about how their feedback may be different from or even the same as my writers group.

In fact, I am almost wondering if their feedback might not be more important since they would represent the purchasing public.

<¡Insert sense of panic here!>

What’s also cool is that since I am doing Camp Nano (a source of much internal ongoing debate about the sanity of that decision), I am halfway through the second book in this series and I can talk about the concept that I’m working with for that one. I’ve also incorporated some world and character changes that came out of the last feedback session with my writers group into Book 2, so it will be intersesting to test some of those on the ladies tonight. Hmm, I suddenly am think that it might be smart if I prepare a little.

The other thing that is just absolutely intriguing to me is Kellie (my friend and host) told me that the ladies are interested in asking me questions about the writing process. This is a topic that I LOVE to talk about (technically I just love to talk, hence the whole writing and blogging thing), but much like the writing I am usually doing it with my fellow writers in a small circle. This is the first time I’ll ever be talking about it outside of that circle. I must admit that I feel a little titillated – I feel like a real author. There is also something electiraclly exciting about people who are genuinely interested in your work and passion. I truly can’t wait to share.

7 pm (GMT -4:00) my time tonight. Cross your fingers. Or don’t. I’ll post about it tomorrow-ish.


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