I’ve Fallen Off The Horse

Time to get back on!

So for those of you who have been following me, you’ve probably started to wonder where I’ve been the last couple of weeks. The short answer is, not writing. I hate to admit that, but it’s the truth. Heck, I’ve wanted to hide from that truth, but that has started to feel crappy, which in its own way creates an inertia that I am now trying to break free of.

OK, so where have I been? Well, it all started two weeks ago as the Nano came to an end. I had some bad financial news (think major tax bill), coincide with the need for some major financial decisions, and both of those required a lot of research and mental energy. Add some big stuff going on with my son and there was not a lot of time and space for writing. In fact what happened is that I felt the immediacy of the other things collapse all of my momentum from Nano. That collapse felt depressing and the more time that passed that I didn’t finish the novel, the more I wanted to avoid working on it or blogging about it (read having to admit not writing). Throw an out of town work trip in this week and I’ve been about dead in the water (mixing metaphors I know, but I’m feeling uncreative) for almost two weeks.

I got some advice from my good friend Daylin to blog tonight, which I think was the right thing to do to get writing again. So here I am. This is part update and part restart. Now that I’ve gone public with my lack of writing, it should get me writing again, but tomorrow. I’ve got a sick son on the couch next to me and I’m going to snuggle up with him, feed him some soup, and watch a movie. I’ll get up at six tomorrow, per my usual schedule, and get cranking on Book 2. I’m also going to do the following blog posts (though not necessarily in this order):

  • Progress Toward Quarterly Goals
  • Review of My Nano Experience
  • How It Went to Finally Meet the Stylish Ladies
  • Revised Plan for Book 1 & 2

2 responses to “I’ve Fallen Off The Horse

  1. Ride on my friend… Life happens. Sick kids are more important than cranking out words. And snuggling and soup feeding are good for slowing down brain and heart leaving plenty of room for the word well to refill.

    • Thanks Lisa. It has been a rough couple of weeks and it’s good to read that. The movie is on, the noodles are cooking (that’s what he opted for), and the snuggling is imminent.

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