Revised Plan for Book 1 & 2

Missing my Nano goal and running out of gas the last couple of weeks has created the need for a major change in my plan. That and I’ve taken next week off to work on Book 1. So I’m going to think this through “outloud” as it were because I feel like I need a firm plan ahead of this weekend as this weekend really begins my week off to work on the book.

So roughly the plan that I was working with for Book 1 had me plotting the changes I was going to make May 1, spending two weeks editing, my vacation week doing a full reread of the novel, and finishing editing the last week of May. In June I would hand off the fourth draft to readers while working on Book 2, which theoretically would have been done around May 1. Then in July it would roughly be the same process as May with the book ready to go to an editor at the beginning of August.

Although I do intend to continue working on both books, my priority is to get Book 1 finished this year and ideally by the end of October. So any adjustments I make, I plan on making with that idea in mind.

The easiest thing to do to keep me on track is either jettison the idea of giving my fourth draft to readers, which gives me back the whole month of June or I jettison the full reread of the novel next week. That’s a tough choice. Either I spend more time with it and get less reader feedback or spend less time with it to get more reader feedback.

I had envisioned a fourth draft where I continue to make plot and character improvements, followed by a fifth draft where I still tweak plot and character but focus primarily on atmosphere. I think I’m in a spot where to stick with my schedule, I may not be able to do both of those drafts quite as I had envisioned.

The other other thing is my readers suggested doing a Wiki page for one of the settings in my novel. I loved the idea, both because I could eventually post it and because it urged me to work out a detailed backstory for this setting. In a way, the setting is a character and requires it’s own backstory. Now the reason I bring this up is that it’s a big endeavor, ideal for a week off, but I’m already up against the wall with my schedule. OK new take, methinks I review my feedback Friday (after my U10 soccer team’s pizza party) and Saturday. Then I’ll put together an editing plan and maybe even start editing on Sunday. Monday I do my Wiki page, then I plug away at the editing. I think it will take me at least 2-3 days full time, but whether or not I’m right I have to plug away at it so I’ll do that and then see where I’m at by week’s end.

I may have to sleep on this one. Feedback welcomed!


2 responses to “Revised Plan for Book 1 & 2

  1. It’s good to have a plan of action for this week, but don’t be so time focused that you rush your edits. It’s better to take a little more time and get it right, than rush through to have it ready for readers. Do you have a smaller group of readers you can give up chapters at a time to? This might save you some time, or at least get you more motivated.

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