Progress Update 2013.05.20

Day 1 was a bust.

I had plenty of distrations, most of which I welcomed with open arms. Some of which I created! 🙂 I was tired, had trouble focusing, and I was just in a glum mood. A big part of the mood came from reviewing my notes and realizing that what I needed to do was hard. Whoever said it would be all rainbows and glitter with chocolate chip cookies?

Essentialy, I went with glum and hard and managed to eat some junk food, not much dinner, and only do about 330 words of backstory on this one setting in my novel (this is the start of the Wiki idea). I followed that up with three consectuive episodes of Vikings, not a bad show, before going to bed. Not highly productive and certainly not to plan. I usually start out slow and build momentum, but this might be taking it to new heights.

The good news is that I slept in and I feel different today. I feel frankly irritated by my poor showing yesterday. I only have four more days to work on the book this week and I need to make the most of them. So I’ve read through my notes and feedback a couple of times and I’ve started the backstory on the location. I will finish that backstory today and start plugging away on the changes. I am essentially following the steps regarding Book 1 that I mentioned here and I think I worked out what to do for my Revised Plan (another good outcome from yesterday, so I guess it wasn’t quite as void as it felt at times), but I’ll write about that later.


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