Progress Update 2013.05.21

Day 2 was better.

My word output yesterday was again low, but I spent about two hours researching topics like multidimensional physics, which was pretty interesting. Not to mention the fact that the research has helped me. Between the research and some hard thinking I have worked out some significant details about my world, it’s mechanics, etc. I still need to do more, but I’ve got a clearer picture and some better logic behind a few aspects of it. Needless to say, some things are going to change in Draft 4 as a result.

As an outgrowth of nailing down some more of the background, I have settled on a name for the series: The Beowulf Cases. It’s both from a bit of a misunderstanding around a weapon the main characte carries and a dig at his primitiveness. But I still don’t know what I’m going to call Book 1. Maybe I should have a contest to name it?

Also, I contracted with a line editor yesterday to proof Book 1! I need to be ready by the beginning of August! I think I’ve just barely got not quite enough time. It feels a little stressful and cool to have taken that step. I think I need to change my graphic on my main page to reflect that, but I’ll do that a different day as I’ve got a few other changes I want to make to overhaul my blog a bit and today needs to be about writing.

My plan for today:

  • Finish the world building (jeesh it’s Wednesday already)
  • Coalesce notes and feedback into an Editing Checklist (jeesh it’s Wednesday already)
  • Start work on editing (jeesh it’s Wednesday already)
  • Did I mention that it’s Wednesday already?

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