Progress Update 2013.05.22 & 23

I have some success I want to crow about, but I’ll start with Wednesday to add some super supsense to this entry.

My goals for Wednesday were to finish world building, create an editing checklist, and start editing. I hit two out of three. I decided what I had for world building was good enough and I made the checklist. The checklist is not insignificant, it contains about 43 separate items most of which are not minor. Then I decided to put my manuscript in industry standard format all the way through (Note-to-self, do this from the start on the next novel, which means the third one since the second is already 75% written). Lump in a challenge at being focused and that about sums up Wednesday.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback to pull my SciFi elements forward, so when I sat down to work yesterday afternoon I decided to focus on that. I reread the first chapters of a couple books that have some similarity to mine and afterward decided that I would change my first chapter. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to change it, but then I wrote a new Chapter 1 in a flurry. I was so stoked about the change that I sent it to a friend to read and he told me that it was a definite improvement.

Now the problem is that the change in the first chapter creates a domino effect and the old Chapter 1 doesn’t seem to have a firm landing place right now, but it’s too good a piece of character development to toss.

My plan for today:

  • Find a spot for the old Chapter 1
  • Start on item 2 on the checklist and move down the list
  • Send the deposit to the editor (oops)

2 responses to “Progress Update 2013.05.22 & 23

  1. frasersherman

    Yes, one change tends to ripple through everything. I hope you find a place for one–you may end up having to set it free.

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