A Quick Review of Last Week

Some ups and some downs. Any questions? OK, seriously though, I think that summarizes the progress during my week off.

I, of course, am disappointed I didn’t accomplish more. Briefly acknowledging that I generally have that response, I believe that is also because a lot of what I did is not clearly measurable and so it’s hard to quantify. When I write 12,000 words in a week — BAM! I can see I did something. By contrast, when I spend 2-3 hours reading about multidimensional physics, it’s harder to see that I did something.

Other than the fact that a lot of what I did wasn’t measurable, such as research and thinking, some of what was measurable wasn’t the sexy glamorous part of writing (OK, technically, I’m still looking for that part, but I did want to see if you were still paying attention). To rephrase, some of it was tedious and boring, such as putting my MS in “Industry Standard” format. The urge to nap almost wrestled me down on that one, fortunately I fought it off. But, it was all necessary work.

Overall, I am pleased with the week. I ended on a really high note with the rewrite of Chapter 1, which wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t spend the time during the week combing through my feedback and giving it serious consideration. And I really am jazzed about the new Chapter 1. I wrote about it briefly here. As a brief sidebar, I did find a new home for my old Chapter 1, it is now my new Chapter 6. I actually think it fits quite handsomely there, but I’ll get a better sense of it when I start the complete reread of the book.

The other real measure of the week was this morning. After a weekend off from writing, today I got back into my routine. After my son got on the school bus, I sat down and went right to my editing checklist, found what I needed to be working on, and got to work. All of the wrestling that I seemed to be doing at the beginning of last week was absent.

Some of that wrestling was just getting used to the idea that my edits are much more focused on quality issues. For instance I have lots of things like create more conflict, bring in more color to the character, etc. These tend to be more challenging fixes than the pressed the button for floor 5 and got off on 4 variety. I think I’ve got a total of 45 things on my editing checklist and 5 of them fall in the pressed the wrong button on the elevator category.

So far, I’m still working on Item #1 on my editing checklist, but that happens to be the ripple that moving Chapter 1 created, which I figured would take a while. Another day or two and I should be done with it. I’ve also decided to create a progress page for this book much like I did with the Nano, but that will need to wait for a the weekend-ish.


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