Yes, I Am Working

In case you were wondering.

First of all, I absolutely have to set the scene. I am sitting outside at my favorite outdoor café (Caffe Driade) in Chapel Hill and it is a perfect night. 72 degress (22 C for the non-luddites in the rest of the world) on a clear night with no humidity at 10:04 pm (GMT-4). I am sipping an Allagash White, this is my wind-down beer after two French Presses (the small ones). Just enough soft light not to be blinded by my laptop’s screen, AC/DC is still on my headphones (of course), and I’m surrounded by trees and a small combination of other people without lives, those working on PhD’s, or gathering for Friday wine outside.

Not a bad way to end a week. Or in my case, start a productive weekend.

I put in about three solid hours (minus a tweet, two e-mails, and a few FB posts). I finally finished item #1 on my editing list – the ripple caused by writing a new Chapter 1 and moving the old Chapter 1 to Chapter 6! Then I got a good running start on Item #2, which is pumping some relevant background detail about my main character into the beginning chapters. That’s not done, but I’ve got a good start and I really like what I’ve added. In fact, I’m greatly resisting the urge to send some snippets off to a reader with a “hey check this out and tell me what you think.” Sometimes I can be so like a kid with a new drawing to show his parents.

Fundamentally, the plan for the weekend is to do all of the boring adult stuff I need to do (cleaning, laundry, bills, finish swapping the old bedroom set for the new one) tomorrow, and then write all day Sunday. Although I am really feeling an urge to do the writing all day tomorrow and leave all the adult stuff for Sunday, but that would be irresponsible and wrong 😉 .

Either way, I’m just going to pick up with item #2 and keep going. Let’s see where I go with this over the weekend.


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