Progress Update 2013.06.06

The main work that I’ve done this week was in the early part of the novel (BC 1). After I rewrote Chap 1, I focused on bringing in more significant detail to flesh out my main character (Kurt). Initially, I started off with the idea of just moving down my checklist. Now that I am at the end of the week, I see that between the new Chap 1 and the changes to Kurt that I’ve got a very different beginning.

Wow that was an understatement!

The first six chapters or about 10,000 to 11,000 words are dramatically changed. Where I am going with this is that I’ve decided to focus my editing on the changes that go into those chapters and send some of them to some readers for a quick review. I feel like I am making the right type of changes, but I also want to insure that I am not drifting into exposition drops or putting a drag on the part of the story that should be getting readers interested.

Today I also began flirting with the idea of putting my first chapter on-line just as a “hey, here’s Chapter 1, check it out.” The idea came from reading an article about giving stuff away to attract readers. I don’t really have much to give away yet, but I thought that a Chap 1 that I feel good about might be a good start.


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