Feeling Like a Good Dad Tonight

OK, I didn’t write today (unless you count this blog entry), but here’s why.

First, I conned my son into sleeping in an extra hour. I needed the sleep and he actually went back to sleep, so he must have needed it too. Normally, I get up at six and write on Saturday’s. So I cancelled that out.

Why did I need the sleep? Admittedly I was tired from the week. Of course all of us with jobs, kids, and lives are tired from the week, so that’s just par for the course. The other half of the story is that I wanted to be well rested for today.

You see we (my nine year-old son and I) were hosting a Beginning of Summer Celebration!

We had to get our normal shopping, movie rental, and apartment cleaning done in lightning fashion with no “that can wait ’til tomorrow” because at 3 pm (GMT -4) we had guests arriving. We had six guests (friends from soccer and school). They joined us at the pool for water games, tag, one game I’m not real clear on what it was (a mom at the pool asked me and I gave her the same answer), and more water games.

This was followed by a cookout at the pool. Homemade chocolate chip cookies were selected for dessert (the other option was watermelon). Followed by more playing and a return to my apartment for a group viewing of “MegaMind” a la popcorn. A few kids left and three brought sleeping bags to spend the night.

They are in my living room. Bedded down next to one another in sleeping bags, sleeping under the ceiling fan. They have some secret audacious plan to wake up at three and play a game. They think that I don’t know about it! And if they manage to wake up, they will think they are really cool and sneaky.

What I love is that right now, that set of nine year-olds on their first saturday of the summer after third grade are making memories that will last decades. They may very well find themselves thirty (and a couple) years later, popping popcorn in their kitchen for a group of friends, remembering a night like this when they were nine and feeling the fun and feeling good about themselves. It took work and I enjoyed creating the day for the kids. I gave up a little bit of writing time this morning and tonight to do it. Sue me. I feel good. I will write tomorrow, with a smile on my face.



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