Plan for the Weekend

Will definitely be different than for the week. Technically, I wanted to have a productive week but I did have low expectations. This was my son’s first week of summer with me and that meant summer camp. The camp was great and he had a very good time, BUT it was a whole new routine for me in the morning and writing got bumped pretty much every day.

So tomorrow I take him to camp for the last time this week, then I’ve got a weekend to focus on the writing and that’s what I intend to do (minus Father’s Day on Sunday). Here’s what I’m think for a sketch of my schedule.


  • After work, pay bills to get that off my mind
  • Then, head to Caffe Driade for my usual every other week caffeine induced writing marathon


  • Up early and write
  • Write some more
  • Avoid distractions
  • Write some more
  • Have lunch
  • Continue avoiding distratctions
  • Write some more
  • Get in a workout in order to feel well-rounded (and that whole health thing)
  • Write some more
  • Grill something and drink a beer while watching Game of Thrones


  • Sleep in a little
  • Have fun with my son and my dad

All of that said, I’ve got about 40 more changes to make to the current draft before I do my complete read through. I want to get those changes done by the end of the month and since this is my last kid-free weekend this month, I intend to make most of them this weekend.

Hmm (strange aside – the spell check in this app sees Hmmm as misspelled but gives Hmm a pass!), methinks that I need a goal. Let’s go with, 25 changes this weekend leaving 1 for each remaining day of the month AND my stretch goal will be to make 30 this weekend to get me down to 10 remaining.

You can track my progress here.


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