Time to Hit the Reset Button

Which I didn’t realize until I had been struggling for about two hours.

Normally, a Friday night at Caffe Driade with some coffee is very productive for me. Tonight, the stars seemed to align with no humidity and temperatures perfect at about 63-67F (~17-18C).

But after making the first couple of changes, I got stuck. I kept trying to figure out what to work on next. Everything just seemed so big. There was live Latin music and even though I was mostly drowning it out with my own headphones, I wanted to blame it. The cafe was twice as crowded as normal, I also wanted blame the crowd. I decided to get my wind down beer early, but there was a long line. I thought about blaming the line. Then I decided the whole venue wasn’t working and I needed to head home.

After getting home, finding the right tuneage (apparently Scorpions “World Wide Live” tonight), and planting myself on my deck, and turning on the Christmas lights from three Christmases ago (see picture), I realized the problem.


Well, it was more like I tried (again) to edit the next chapter affected by one of the changes I made at the coffee shop and I just couldn’t. What I realized was that the changes I needed to make were too big. They were too big because so much of the book’s world and the characters has changed since March that I can’t just hop into Chapter 20 and tinker, like I could on the last draft. I needed to start at the beginning, again.

It was a nice realization because it got me to a starting point. But it was a daunting one because I am now going through the novel from the beginning, tweaking and changing as I go. I am on page 12 of 533. Here’s hoping for a productive Saturday!



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