A Mixed Bag

That’s what I’ll call today. I did manage to get up and get writing early. I was clocked in and writing by 7:41 am. I wish I could say that this was through some great level of self-motivation, but it was not. I had trouble sleeping. I woke up at 5:45 (ON A SATURDAY!), dozed ’til 6:15, tossed and turned in denial until 6:45, and then got up.

I had my coffee, breakfast eaten, and all of my procrastination out-of-the-way by 7:41, so I really had nothing else to do but start writing.

Deck In Morning

(This is the day time version of the same spot as last night’s picture.)

Since the weather was perfect, I planted myself back in the same spot I was last night and started writing. That’s the good news. The bad news was that since I didn’t sleep well last night, by 9:30 I was through three cups of coffee and nodding off as I read my own novel. So I took a nap. That killed two hours. But I did feel better after I got up.

The afternoon was decent, but I did have to take a walk to sort out my dismay. You see I had hoped to make tremendous progress today and around 2:45 pm (GMT -4), I was only about 68 pages in out of 533 (you can check my progress here). Editing goes exponentially slower than reading, I don’t think I need to explain that, but I didn’t think I would be going page by page through the whole book in June. I figured out last night that I needed to and I still think it’s the right idea. The dismay stemmed from the back of the envelope math which told me that I needed at least 30 more hours to finish the draft (and I haven’t even hit the hardest parts). At this pace, I need to average 2 hours a day every day for the rest of the month.

Not impossible. But not easy. And not what I was hoping for. Of course, this process is anything but a straight line.

I don’t think that I can do two hours a day most days and I have my son the next two consecutive weekends, which will make a big weekend difficult. So, it’s an open question right now whether or not I can really muscle through this by the end of June. That said, the first week of July I am off thanks to a company shut down, so I’ve got that week to make up some ground.

Overall, I am feeling a little daunted (again), but actually better. The big positive take away for me is that after 87 pages of straight editing I feel more engaged in the work than I have since probably March. I think that’s what I’ve really most needed. Now we’ll see if I can turn that back into the consistent daily engagement and progress I was making a few months ago.


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