One Day At A Time

That’s my motto for the week. As an aside, it strikes me that a motto for the week of “one day at a time” could be slightly paradoxical or oxymoronic. Would it be better to say that it was my motto today and will be again tomorrow, but I can’t commit beyond that?

OK, so what gives? It’s simple. I am in crunch time with my novel. I have my first actual deadline looming with the Aug. 1st deadline for the editor and I find myself in a productive lull. Last night after putting the little guy to bed, I chose preparing for a presentation I was giving for the day job this morning over writing. Sensible choice all-in-all. Here’s the thing, I began reflecting on the weekend and the week and asking myself just how was it I had done so little writing?

The answer was that each morning I’ve managed not to get up on time for writing or I’ve had something “come up” and I decided to trade my morning writing time for time later in the day. As is often the case, my day doesn’t quite pan out as I intend and later ends up being too late to stay up.

So I said to myself, it’s OK that it happened again today but you really need to change gears (my authoritarian encouraging voice speaks in the second person, generally) — this whole week needs to be different, 6 am start time each day. Of course, if I focus on the whole week it’s too big. Instead, my goal is to get up at 6:00 am tomorrow and write for an hour.

Today, goal achieved (with one whack of the Snooze button and some fiddling before the coffee kicked in). One down, tomorrow to go.


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