Review of Goals for Q2 2013

At the beginning of Q2, I stated my goals for the quarter . Let’s see how I did:

  1. Triple Daily Blog Views.  My goal was 42 views per day by the end of June. The last week of June I’ve averaged 21, so not bad. For the month, my overall average is 15, not my goal, but way better than May’s low tide of 8 and tied for my best month. Still a lot for me to learn on boosting readership and I think I’m moving in the right direction.
  2. Finish the 4th Draft of BC1 (formerly TH1).  Simple.  Straightforward. Unachieved. I’ve struggled with consistency for the last two months and the 4th draft is choosing to be more challenging than I anticipated. I’ve done good work, but I’m not sure that I feel like I’ve made good progress toward this goal.
  3. Finish the 1st Draft of BC2 (formerly TH2).  Missed this one and it’s very well documented. Here is the best summary and here is the whole story. That said, 77% for a pretty unrealistic goal is pretty good.
  4. Register for the First Triathlon of the Season.  Well this one I achieved. The irony is that the soccer season produced tendonitis in my achilles and that has sidelined me well enough that I probably won’t be participating in the one for which I registered.

Overall, I’m going with mixed for this quarter:

  • 1 Goal achieved
  • 3 Goals missed
  • 1 missed with solid and satisfactory progress
  • 1 missed with unsolid and yet somehow satisfactory progress
  • 1 missed with solid and yet unsatisfactory progress

So I’ll sleep on this, noodle a little, and put up my official list for Q3 (it’ll probably be pretty similar to Q2) in the next day or two.


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